Mera Yakeen – Episode 12 and 13

In fact I ought to be glad for Nazish in the wake of watching this most recent portion yet some way or another I can’t resist the urge to consider her to be the “other lady”, in spite of the fact that I know very well indeed that she is Asfand’s significant other and merits his adoration the same amount of as Maha does. When I saw them two going out and having a good time a piece of me felt marginally glad for Nazish however by one means or another I felt like Asfand was being unfaithful to Maha. Notwithstanding when I compose this everything appears to be wrong however that is the manner by which I felt despite the fact that I made a decent attempt not to feel along these lines. It appears like I have begun to have a significant issue with the storyline. top pakistani dramas I would have discovered it such a great amount of less demanding to feel cheerful for Nazish had she been hitched to another person.

Since Maha can’t watch out for Asfand she asks her “faithful” worker to report back to base camp toward the day’s end or at whatever point Asfand talks or goes out with Nazish. Maha has been appeared as an exceptionally outlandish, enthusiastic, narcissistic lady so what is shielding her from requesting that Asfand separate Nazish? She is likely sitting tight for the two to go gaga for each other so that there is some more dramatization in the show! Asfand one fine day began to look all starry eyed at Nazish and I truly did not see that coming. I should state that it could have been improved way; it truly seems like it was sensitivity or need that conveyed him near her than adoration.

One of the watchers called attention to that Faisal Qureshi’s method for talking in Mera Yakeen resembled that of Nadeem Baig and I should state that I concur totally. Really I had been pondering for at some point now that who talked that way and I am happy the riddle is settled!

Every one of the performing artists have made a stunning showing with regards to in this play however for as long as four scenes or so I have been thinking that its hard to identify with the most recent improvements or to feel for any of the characters. An intriguing divert have been a smart thought, watching Maha on the bed wearing similar outfits again and again is getting to me… some change of view would be great. The purpose behind the marriage, similar to I expressed before was likewise unconvincing as is Asfand’s affection for Nazish and also Maha not requesting that Asfand separate Nazish.

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