A blog site that is dedicated to health and fitness is not rare in today’s digital age. In fact search online with any one or both as keywords and you will be flooded with millions of results. In such a case, what does blog site http://tunicahotels.org has to offer that makes it a leader in this genre?

However before coming to the basics and the goals and objectives of our site a word about us will be in order. We have a team of bloggers who are almost fanatical about health and fitness and have great professional expertise in this field. There are personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionists and doctors in our group who have years of experience in their related area of activity.

All blogs written by our team and posted on our site are double checked and verified, especially any news or updates. This ensures that our blogs are high on authenticity and reliability.

Coming to what our site has to offer our readers, we will just say that there is no aspect of health and fitness that is left out of our purview. A snap shot of our site will clear the air in this regard.

There will generally be two categories on our site, one that covers the specifics of a topic and one that deals with the subject in general.

In the first section, we will have blogs on training methods, equipment to be used and other safety measures that should be followed during workouts. We will also deal extensively with diet and nutrition and supplementary foods. All these will be elaborated by our in-house team of writers as well a guest bloggers who contribute to our site.

The second section will be more generalised. For example there will be blogs on fitness regimen for the elderly and those above 60 years of age. There will also be write-ups on such topics as herbal food supplements and matching of diet with intensity of training.

To make our site more interesting, we have adopted an interactive approach, in that we have an open forum where anybody who is well conversant with our niche can submit blogs on topics related to it. The blogs should be original and unpublished ones and may be imbedded with images, infographics and photographs.

We will inform contributors by email once they are posted on our site.